Mrs [insert crush of the week]
Sat 27th Sep
at 10:36 am
Sometimes I miss LJ. Most days I forget about it completely. I don't even recognise this website anymore. It's not even like I can use the excuse 'I have nothing to share'. It's just that I don't want to share. I'm so over airing every little problem in my life online.

When did I become so apathetic towards the internet?


I'm doing a major clean up here. If I remove you, it really is nothing personal. I'm just... shelving this part of my life, I suppose. I turned 30 last month. 30! I've had twelve years and change on LJ with one account or other. That's kind of a big deal for me. And damned if I don't have some great memories of this place. Events that venture into epic but hardly any of the people I shared those with are around anymore. It's weird. Reading back through older stuff on this account just makes me sad more than anything.

(Yes I'm more than likely going to be removing people I'm still in contact with in other places. Again, nothing personal guys. But I get to annoy you in other places a hell of a lot so I hope you're cool with that.)

But yes. If you do want to find me I'm here on tumblr or here on twitter. And the closest thing I've got to talking about myself is my blog here.
Mrs [insert crush of the week]
Sun 1st Jan
at 11:36 pm

icons - tumblr

not adding.
i'm hardly on lj anymore so i'm not looking to meet new friends through here.
though if we know each other mutually on tumblr/twitter then feel free to comment anyway.